Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Actress Jenna Coleman

British actress Jenna Coleman is best known in the United States for the title role in "Victoria," an ongoing series about the life of Great Britain's legendary nineteenth-century queen.  At this writing the first season has just concluded, covering the first four years of Queen Victoria's long reign.

She's also known, though, for her role in the long-running sci-fi time-travel series "Doctor Who" (which has been on the air since 1963) as Clara Oswald, the traveling companion of the Eleventh Doctor.  She also played Jasmine Thomas in the British soap opera "Emmerdale," which debuted in 1972.  Jasmine was an investigative reporter who killed a police officer who tried to rape her, though she eventually broke down and confessed to the crime, leading to her being sent to prison.

So, playing a long-reigning queen comes naturally to Jenna Coleman, thanks to her experience in television programs that have run longer than she's been alive.  And I look forward to continuing to see her in a long run of "Victoria." :-) 

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