Sunday, August 13, 2017

Actress Claire Foy

Another Brit named Claire. :-)

Claire Foy is a British actress who has done a few movies and a lot of British television.  Americans may remember her roles in Jon Stewart's political drama Rosewater and in the Maggie Smith movie The Lady In the Van.

She's made more of a mark TV, playing Lady Persephone "Persie" Towyn in an early-2010s reboot of "Upstairs Downstairs" and she's also played some royal roles as well. She played Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII's second wife,  in the miniseries "Wolf Hall," a drama about the Tudor king and the rise of  Thomas Cromwell in Henry's court, and she currently plays the U.K.'s current monarch, Elizabeth II, in the series "The Crown," a fictionalized account of Her Majesty's life.  There's a lot of material in that, to be sure.   

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