Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Beauty of Retrospect, April Model Edition: Patti Hansen

Patti Hansen's best feature as a model has always been fer flowing blonde hair, but of course she also has a perfect face, as evidenced by this Aziza ad in which her hair is pulled back, allowing the viewer to concentrate on how her makeup brings out her delicate features. Which, of course, is what the ad men who handled the Aziza account intended.

Of course, like all true beauties, Patti Hansen looks her best when she's not wearing any makeup at all, as the Scavullo picture below clearly shows.

And, of course, her hair is down.

Patti Hansen is a great model for closeups.  Strange that she's married to Keith Richards. ;-)

This is my first Patti Hansen post since February 2016. 

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