Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Beauty of Retrospect: Sara Kapp Week, Part Five

So what does Sara Kapp do for fun?

How about cook Tibetan dumplings? :-D

That's not as far-fetched as it sounds.  Ms. Kapp is a member of the Shambhala Buddhist community, and so South Asian cuisine comes naturally to her.  Here she is below, at right, with an unidentified woman at a Shambhala retreat in preparing the delicious dumplings - or momos, as they're called.  

This picture was taken in 2013, and although older, Sara Kapp still shows that unmistakable striking look - still with a bit of glamour - that made her a legend in the fashion world. 

Full disclosure requires me not only to state that Ms. Kapp is one of my Facebook friends but to state that I personally know a friend of hers in Montclair, New Jersey, Ms. Kapp's (and my family's) hometown.  I haven't met Sara Kapp in person yet, but when I do, I hope to try some of her dumplings. :-) 

Thanks for tuning in to my week-long model retrospectives. An A-Z round of new subjects starts in February. :-) 

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