Friday, January 20, 2017

The Beauty of Retrospect: Iman Week, Part Five

By the time Iman posed for Terry O'Neill in the photo below, in 1994, she had started her own namesake cosmetics company, which she grew into a business making $25 million annually as of 2010.

She's also been involved in various charities and causes, such as the Children's Defense Fund, and also the Enough Project, which seeks to end the global trade in conflict minerals.  In that spirit, she also broke her modeling contract with De Beers, in light of the diamond company's questionable ethics in dealing in the valuable commodity.   

Iman is a special woman, and it would take a woman equally special to follow up with in this month's series of week-long model retrospectives.

Fortunately, I have one - the incomparable Sara Kapp. :-) 

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