Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2017: Model Retrospectives

For the third time on this blog, as I start off the new year, I'm devoting each week in the is first month of January 2017 to a different woman, each one a fashion model, with five posts for each one.

I enjoy doing this on occasion because it allows me to revisit models I've featured before, and with pictures that, more often than not, are nicer and prettier than pictures of these models shown earlier on my blog. And sometimes I need to revisit women I've featured before after not having featured them for too long.

So who are the models I'll be revisiting this month? Well, first I am going to look at late seventies/early eighties icon Clotilde, who was a ubiquitous feature in both commercial and editorial modeling work.   Second is Dawn Gallagher, a sweet girl from the early eighties who became one of the most astonishing women in the modeling profession.

Third is Iman, a giant among fashion and beauty models and a woman I haven't featured since . . . 2006, the year I started this blog! I was originally going to have a week-long look back at Iman in February 2016, when I last did these week-long retrospectives for four different women in a single month, but her husband, David Bowie, had died a month earlier, so I postponed it until enough time went by after his death.  The retrospective you will see this month is the one I originally planned for February 2016.

Finally, I end January 2017 with a week-long retrospective at a strikingly beautiful woman I always enjoy featuring, Sara Kapp, a favorite of designers for their runway shows.

I'm starting this series of retrospectives today.  Happy new year! :-)

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