Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Anne Bezamat

I'm biased when I say that Anne Bezamat is the greatest model to come of France in recent memory - after all, I know her - but when you look at her cool, classy pose on the cover of this February 1983 edition of the New York Times' "Fashions of the The Times" supplement, why would you argue with me on that point? 

The cover shows Ms. Bezamat's quiet understatement in striking a pose. The contrast of white and black with her confident expression creates a mystique all her own.

Even when Anne Bezamat shows a hint of vulnerability, she's still in control, as the head shot below indicates.  

And how many models - French or otherwise - can pull off something like that? :-)

Of course, Anne Bezamat has also been skillful in projecting pure innocence, as evidenced below in a 1982 photo. :-)

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