Monday, November 21, 2016

Minor Link Change: Louise Vyent Site

One of the Web sites I have posted a link to is on the right side of this blog's main page.  Former model Louise Vyent, a Dutchwoman living in New Jersey, has changed the focus of her site and her service from offering advice on presentations to "life transition coaching."  She now coaches women fifty years of age and over going through personal midlife changes.  So I've reworded the link.    

If you fit the description of the clientele Ms. Vyent is focusing on, you should give her site a look.  Although I don't know Ms. Vyent personally, despite having several indirect connections with her, I know about her well enough to know that she's effective at whatever she sets her mind to. :-)

Back with one more new subject before closing out the month with a few retrospectives.  

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