Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Beauty of Anonymity, Model ID Update: Katie Easton!

Back In August 2014, I posted this-black-and-white picture of a striking model from an ad for Adrien Arpel makeovers - this particular ad was for a department store promotion  - and I asked if anyone could identify her.   She was one of those anonymous models you see in a mundane newspaper ad and can't forget because her look is so distinctive that it burns into your memory.

Well, I recently posted this same picture on a Facebook group page devoted to models, and thanks to feedback from some friends and some friends of friends - and they all agree on this - I can now identify her as beauty model Katie Easton.

The original black-and-white photo is from 1979; the color photo, already confirmed as a photo of Katie Easton, is from 1985.  It is quite obvious that they are pictures of one and the same woman.

Success! :-D

Now for some information on our newly identified subject.  Katie Easton is a beauty model from the seventies and eighties who specialized as a hand and leg model, which explains why her hands are so predominant in the photos above.   She worked in Paris through the Model Promotion agency in the early seventies and worked in New York through Zoli in the mid-1980s.  She was also with the Stewart agency, and she was likely there at the time the Arpel ad photo was taken.    

And while she worked extensively with her hands and legs - one person who helped me identify her her said she would regularly wear lacy white gloves to protect her hands - her face especially demanded photographic attention. The black-and-white photo below, from 1983, is a nicely soft image that shows just how much the camera loved her. :-)

Thanks to Les Carron, Tony Spinelli, and Louise Roberts for helping me to identifying this incredibly beautiful woman. :-) 


Chromeheart said...

I worked with Katie's husband, Richie, from 1979-1981. Katie was very sweet and funny. And, her hands were insured for beaucoup bucks, and the insurance company required her to wear gloves. She had a baby boy, Hunter, in late 1981 or early 1982. I never kept up with them, so the last time I saw them was at a dinner in their apartment in the Village in 1982.

Steve said...

Chromeheart: She sounds like a very lovely woman, inside as well as out. :-) I hope her hands are still in good shape.