Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Beauty of Song, Part Three: Aimee Mann

If you remember the sixties, you probably weren't there. But if you remember the eighties, you probably were there long enough to hear 'Til Tuesday. That awkwardly named band had a hit with the song "Voices Carry" and featured as the lead singer a female bass player. Her name was Aimee Mann.

'Til Tuesday broke up after three albums and never could replicate the success of "Vocies Carry,," but Aimee Mann went on to have a successful solo career.  She released her first album, Whatever, in 1993 and has released seen more albums since, including 2005's The Forgotten Arm and 2012's Charmer.  Her singles  include "Pavlov's Bell,""Humpty Dumpty,"  "Going Through the Motions," and "Freeway."  Her folk-rock sound has nothing in common with the New Wave sound of 'Til Tuesday. 

Oh yeah, Aimee Mann is also marry to Sean Penn's brother Michael, himself a folk-rock singer/songwriter.  It's nice to see that at least one Penn brother married a woman with genuine musical talent!  

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