Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Latest Numbers

I have now posted pictures of 978 different women, with only 22 to go before I reach the milestone of one thousand women in concert with this blog's tenth anniversary.  And don't ask me who the one thousandth woman will be because I haven't decided yet.  I'm leaning toward a final decision, but I won't tell you whom I'm considering . . . except to say that it will be someone far down the alphabet.  So it won't be someone whose last name begins with the letter "A."  The woman I choose will end an A-Z series beginning later this summer.

As for July, I'm devoting that month to more women in music.  For the rest of June, I'm going to take some looks back at women I've featured before, with previously unused photos.  The first woman I look back on though, will be represented with literally new pictures.

Stay tuned to see whom I'm talking about. :-)    

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