Monday, February 15, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Maria Hanson Week, Part One - The "Maidenform Woman"

Sometimes clothes transform and change a person's identity, as when members of Kiss suit up and become the Star Child or the Cat Man. But model Maria Hanson assumed a different identity when she took her clothes off down to her undergarments.  She became . . . the Maidenform Woman. :-D 

But of course - you remember the Madienform ads from the early eighties, which featured the stunningly beautiful Ms. Hanson in straight poses in mundane locales but wearing little more than the Maidenform ladies' undergarments being advertised.  The idea was to poke fun at ads for women's lingerie by highlighting the absurdity of a Maidenform model in mundane and unlikely places like, well, as baseball field, as seen above.  Here, the Maidenform Woman is a broadcast reporter covering training camp, the ball player completely oblivious to her presence.

That anyone wouldn't notice a woman in her underclothes on a ball field is sort of absurd. 


ERIK SAGER said...

What caught peoples attention apart from the obvious, was that she was photographed in public. or sometimes being surrounded by members of the opposite sex. her ads were very unique in that way. And it also showed a certain boldness on her part. As there is a difference between swimwear ans lingerie.
Those ads were successful in selling maidenforms product.
And would do so today if they were to return to that advertising concept.

Steve said...

Interesting perspective.