Monday, February 1, 2016

February 2016: Model Retrospectives

Back in March 2015,  I devoted each week in the month to a different woman, each one a fashion model, with five posts for each one.  I had so much fun doing that, I thought I'd do it again this month.  How about that? :-)

The reason I'm doing this is because I thought I'd give myself a breather and a little extra time to come up with more subjects as I approach the one thousand mark in September - just in time for this blog's tenth anniversary.  As this is the month in this quadrennial leap year that includes an extra day, I plan to cap off the month on February 29 with a single picture of four high-profile fashion models that I have featured on this blog before individually. . . and together. ;-)

Who will those four models be?  Well, you'll have to wait until the end of the month to find out.  But I am going to identify the four models I'm devoting a week to this month.  I start, in alphabetical order as I always do, with Pat Cleveland, who defies classification because she is in a class by herself.  I follow her with Juli Foster, who's known for her ethereal beauty but not for her ethereal smile.

Third comes Swedish model Maria Hanson . . . though not as herself but as a famous character in advertising.  Can you guess whom I'm talking about? ;-)

I then conclude the month with a whole week devoted to Catherine Roberts, whom I actually devoted a week to when I first featured her here in December 2009.  She's about to become only the second model I've twice devoted a week to, after Karen Graham.

Full disclosure requires me to state that I know three of these women through Facebook, and I have also personally met Catherine Roberts and consider her a good friend, just as I consider the other two to be good friends.  The exception is Pat Cleveland; while I have met her, as I noted earlier on this blog, I can't really say I know her.

I start this series of retrospectives tomorrow, so please check back then! :-)

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