Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Natalie Cole: 1950-2015

It is with great regret that I acknowledge the passing of singer Natalie Cole, whom I featured on this blog in July 2007.  Ms. Cole, the daughter of jazz pianist and singer Nat "King" Cole, became a big pop star in her own right in the seventies, with her hits "This Will Be" and "I've Got Love On My Mind."  She also covered Bruce Springsteen (she had a hit with "Pink Cadillac," which Springsteen had actually released originally as a B-side), as well as the songs of her famous father back in the early nineties on her Unforgettable album - which featured her singing the title song with her father through the magic of tape editing.  Now it looks like they'll be sharing the same stage again. :-(

My post of Natalie Cole from July 2007 will remain on this blog, as she was still alive when I posted it, but since I do not post pictures of women whom I know are deceased, I will not be posting any more pictures of Ms. Cole going forward.  R.I.P. :-(     

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