Friday, January 22, 2016

International reporter Clarissa Ward

Don't call Clarissa Ward just another pretty face on the news.

She's been to more war zones than most Americans have been to foreign tourist destinations, and some of those war zones used to be tourist destinations themselves.

Ms. Ward, a Yale graduate, reported for CBS News from numerous war zones in the Middle East, including Afghanistan and Iraq, and she did some dangerous assignments for Syria as well, winning Peabody, Murrow, and DuPont awards for her reporting from that country's civil war.

Don't tune in to CBS to catch her reporting, though. Ms. Ward, who was also a Beijing correspondent for ABC News and a Moscow correspondent for Fox News, moved to CNN in September 2015 after a mere four years with CBS.  She was a rising star at the Columbia Broadcasting System's heralded news department, and her loss to CNN is certainly a black eye for the Big Eye.

You blew it, CBS.  You really, really blew it.  

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