Friday, October 2, 2015

Model Karen Bjornson

Karen Bjornson was one of the most visible models of the seventies, thanks largely to the late designer Halston.

Ms. Bjornson, who is from Cincinnati, met Halston after only a month in New York and immediately became his muse.  And fashion buffs? They were all impressed with her Halston dress - the dress she's wearing in the Francesco Scavullo photo above - and they didn't really care about the people that she knew at Elaine's. ;-)

"He was my teacher, my employer, and a great friend," Ms. Bjornson said in 2010.  "I was so green when I started and he really took care of me. He was a funny, kind, and exceptionally talented man."

Karen Bjornson took time off from modeling to raise her daughters, but she re-emerged in the two thousand zeroes to appear in a couple of fashion shows, as well as do a J. Crew assignment.

The photo of Ms. Bjornson below is from 2010, taken by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

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