Monday, October 12, 2015

Actress Blythe Danner

Blythe Danner is a legend, but until recently she'd never been a a big star.

Her memorable performances in movies such as 1776 - she played Thomas Jefferson's wife Martha -  and The Great Santini (as the wife of a tough-guy Marine pilot, played by Robert Duvall) were countered by roles in movies that weren't so successful, though not because of her.  Perhaps she was typecast to easily as a wife; she played the wife role (Dina Byrnes) in the 2000 comedy Meet the Parents and its sequels.

In 2015, though, Blythe Danner distinguished herself in I'll See You In My Dreams, about a widowed singer who pursues new friendships and a new relationship and lives live to the fullest. It's gotten her good reviews, and it's been seen as a positive response to ageism, particularly ageism against women. 

Blythe Danner has also made several television movies and appeared in numerous stage productions.  Her daughter is also an actress, I understand.  :-p

Fun fact.  Blythe Danner has actually played Martha Jefferson twice.  She reprised the role in a 1997 TV biography of the third President of the United States.    

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