Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Beauty of Retrospect, September Actress Edition: Mariel Hemingway

Although I raised the minimum age of my subjects from eighteen to twenty, I thought I'd make an exception for this picture of Mariel Hemingway, taken in 1979 when she was eighteen.  Because I'm four years younger than she, and so I was fourteen when I saw this picture - developing a crush on her as a result. :-D

This photo is from an ad Mariel Hemingway did for Noxzema cold cream, which ran at the same time she was earning rave reviews for her role as Tracy in Woody Allen's Manhattan, a movie that I was too young to see at the time due to its R rating.  Her character was the (much) younger love interest of Allen's Ike Davis.  And I, at fourteen years of age, was smitten with her.  How ironic!  

Well, it's hard not to love Mariel Hemingway, who's taken many an artistic risk in her election of roles and who remains a class act after so many years.

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