Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Latest Numbers - Big Change!

I have now posted pictures of 902 different women on this blog.

I was going to wait until later to present my census and the latest statistics on the top ten posts, but a big change has necessitated me to do so now.  Look and see who's number three.  (Click on the graph to enlarge it and see it better.)

My March 2014 post of weather forecaster Stef Davis has displaced my February 2011 post of model/actress Joan Severance for the number-three spot.  I didn't think Joan would ever be severed from her third-place post, but Ms. Davis's popularity cannot be denied.  My second Stef Davis post, from May 2015, shouldn't take long to join the top ten and displace another post from the list entirely.

However, my July 2011 post of NBC reporter Kristen Welker and my September 2009 post of Sheila Johnson remain far, far ahead of any other, in first and second places, respectively.  That's unlikely to change soon.

I think. ;-)

These statistics are based on all individual posts of pageviews on this blog  since may 2010.  Some earlier statistical charts were based on pageviews going back farther than that, but that's for you.

Back soon with my 903rd subject . . . 

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