Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Beauty of Retrospect, June Model Edition: Kathy Davis In a Swimsuit

Back in October 2013, I posted a blog entry showing numerous photos of California model Kathy Davis, known for her sexy hair-care ads, including a crop-closeup version of a photo of her in a swimsuit. I could not show the full picture, because the copy I found on the Internet was scanned from a wrinkled and frayed hard copy.  I have since found a pristine copy of that very picture, so here it is  - the full photo.

It was worth the wait, wasn't it? :-)

I don't know how Kathy Davis was able top pull off a diagonal pose on a diving board with the edge of the pool right under her, but she strikes it well. 

And, like her contemporary Cheryl Tiegs (whom I'll get to on this blog, I promise!) and eighties modeling icon  Kim Alexis, she doesn't need a bikini to look beautiful when a one-piece swimsuit accomplishes the same thing with perfection.

And as I said before, a California girl like Kathy Davis wouldn't have a complete modeling portfolio without a swimsuit picture.  Someone get the Beach Boys on the line, please. :-)    

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