Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Actress Melinda McGraw

Melinda McGraw is an actress who has done a lot of TV work and some movie work as well.

Her best-known TV roles are police detective Cyd Madison in "The Commish" and as Dana Scully's sister in a few episodes of "The X-Files."  She also had a leading role in "The Pursuit of Happiness," a sitcom about an idealistic lawyer going through a mid-life crisis early in life while having to deal with his unemployed wife. It was not a hit.

More recently, after long since having played a police detective working under a commissioner, she played the wife of a police commissioner - Commissioner Gordon's wife in the Batman movie The Dark Knight.

Fun fact: Although Melinda McGraw calls Massachusetts her home state, she was in fact born in Cyprus, where her American parents were at the time.

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