Friday, December 27, 2013


Some of the more observant followers of this blog may have noticed that I broke my standard of alphabetical order by featuring Sara Kapp in between Margrit Ramme and Chris Royer.  I'm writing this blog entry to re-assure my followers that this was by accident and not by design.  I set up an alphabetical series of end-of-month retrospectives for December in advance, and then I added at the last minute a picture of Sara Kapp that I'd found elsewhere to fill the gap between the two other models.  I didn't even realize that I violated the alphabetical order until after I posted it.

Oh, well, I tend to be less strict with myself regarding alphabetical order with pictures of women I've already featured before, as they are the links between one A-Z round and the next.  Those of you who noticed, for example, that I gave Sheila Johnson first credit over Nancy DeWeir in the retrospective post that featured pictures of them together, even though that's not alphabetically correct, may wonder why I did that. Simple: In both pictures, Ms. Johnson is on the left and Ms. DeWeir is on the right.  I identify people in photos left to right, just as I read left to right.             

Much ado about nothing, really.  So, that out of the way, I'll be back soon with a few more retrospective posts before the start of the new year. :-) 

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