Friday, August 30, 2013

The Beauty of Retrospect: Teri Polo

Teri Polo began the twenty-first century as a rising star.  She ended its first decade and began its second as just another actress with a résumé of failure.  "I'm With Her."  "The Wedding Bells."  "Finnegan."  "Man Up!"  All were TV shows in which she starred.  All of them failed. One of them, "Finnegan," was canceled before it even aired.  And all those Fockers movies didn't help matters any.  By 2012, our heroine appeared to be on her way to becoming a doyenne of basic cable movies.

Well, her latest endeavor is a basic cable show . . . but it's a far more substantial gig than anything she could have done on the Hallmark Channel.     

In ABC Family's drama "The Fosters," Teri Polo plays Stephanie "Stef" Foster, one half of an interracial lesbian couple in San Diego raising a family of foster children along with her biological son by an ex-husband. Her partner is black, and two of their foster children are Hispanic siblings.  It's as heavy as it sounds.  Oh, and did I mention that her character is also a San Diego policewoman?

The well-received show is under the radar screen for obvious reasons, and it's on hiatus as of this writing, but it's coming back in January 2014 after a successful first season.  It should be on in its original time slot - 9 PM Eastern on Mondays. 

It looks like Teri Polo finally has a success.  Thank Jennifer Lopez, one of the show's executive producers, for that. :-)      

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