Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fashion model Jane-Lee Salmons

Can't forget the Motor City.

Before Veronica Webb, the hottest model to come out of Detroit was easily Jane-Lee Salmons.

She had a prolific career that started in the late sixties and continued through the seventies.

She even has a movie to her credit - Greetings, a 1968 feature which was only director Brian DePalma's second film. She played - what else? - a model in a movie that spoofed sixties culture and starred a very young and unknown Robert DeNiro.   

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Anonymous said...

The most fascinating thing about Jane-Lee is much like Brian Williams, the two sides of her face were completely different, one eye higher than the other and her mouth angled up on one side..
If you look at her work now, you will see that Jane-Lee knew how to use a good 2/3 angle and held her head that way in EVERY picture ever taken of her.
We used to call her "the girl with built-in perspective".