Friday, June 21, 2013

The Latest Numbers and Statistics

I have now posted 708 different women on my blog, still putting me well ahead of schedule to have at least a thousand different women on this blog by its tenth anniversary in September 2016.  As for the ten most popular posts up to now . . . well, I thought I was only going to have to report a lack of change in the top-ten list, but in fact there is one change. 

Back in April, my October 2012 post showing model-turned-photographer Barbara Minty (also Steve McQueen's widow) entered the top ten at number ten, and until recently it stayed there behind my second April 2011 post depicting German model Margrit Ramme. A recent surge, however, has placed the post honoring Ms. Minty at number nine, with 1,696 pageviews, relegating my post of Ms. Ramme to number ten.  Feel free to click on the image above for a better look at the stats.

Margrit Ramme remains the most popular non-American woman on this blog, but if she slips out of the top ten, there will be no one who's not from the United States on this list.  Maybe I show too many American women here, and so I may let that happen . . . 

Oh yeah, my July 2011 post of Kristen Welker has held on to its popularity with an iron grip, being the only post with pageview figures in the five-digit realm.  No one else even comes close now. (My second post of the venerable NBC reporter, from February 2013? Only 77 views so far.)           

Oh yeah, Blogger's statistics once went back to May 2008 . . . now they go back to May 2007.  I don't know if that will have any real effect on my numbers. 

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