Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Beauty of Retrospect, Special Post: Jennifer Brice, 2013

Before I move on to my next A-Z round of beautiful women,  I thought I'd go ahead and exercise my right  to make another exception to my rule of showing women I know personally and have met in person by featuring this photo of one of the high-profile fashion models I met at the party in May 2013, a party I referred to earlier.  So, what's so special about this picture? Well, I sort of took it! :-D

This is my photo of model of Jennifer Brice, in which I captured her cool, calm beauty, accentuated by her radiant smile.

Though I'm obviously proud of this picture - a candid shot - it's quite obvious that Jennifer Brice has so much glamour, style and presence that it was impossible for me not to take a perfect photo of her. :-)  

A new A-Z round starts tomorrow.  

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