Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fashion designer Stella McCartney

Back in August 2010, I showed on this blog a photo of Catherine Deneuve with Paul McCartney, because I was floored by the discovery of a picture of my favorite actress posing with a member of my favorite band, the Beatles.  Well - as you can see from my original post, the picture also included Paul's daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney, whom I never actually featured on this blog in her own right.

So why don't I do that right now? :-)

As Paul McCartney's daughter, Stella must have faced skepticism when she began her fashion career after having studied design in college.  Nepotism!  But once she began at the Paris fashion house ChloĆ© as a creative director, she proved to be as talented at fashion as her dad was at music.  

She launched her own fashion house in 2001 and has expanded it since with perfume and skincare products.

It was Stella, by the way, who inspired her father to name his post-Beatles band Wings when she was born in 1971.  When her mother Linda McCartney was forced to give birth to her via an emergency Caesarean section, Paul prayed that the baby be born "on the wings of an angel."

Fun fact: Stella McCartney was named for both of her mother Linda's grandmothers.

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