Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 2013: In and Out

I'll be coming in,  in a couple of days, with a new A-Z round of new subjects for this blog.  I'm also about to hit a milestone; during this round, I will post my one thousandth entry. However, the first person to click on it will not get a prize. :-p 

Despite having posted pictures of fewer than seven hundred different women, I have posted numerous follow-up pictures of the same subjects - what I call "retrospectives" - which, along with text-based posts like this one, accounts for the fact that there are more posts than there are individual subjects. (Karen Graham's portfolio is the gift that keeps on giving - what can I say? Ditto that of Margrit Ramme.)  I've actually posted here far less often here than on my regular Miscellaneous Musings blog, yet this blog is actually much more successful. I've posted only 986 entries on this blog (including this one) since September 2006, as opposed to 3,280 entries on my regular blog since September 2002, but my beautiful women picture blog has gotten 865,241 pageviews compared to my regular blog's 38,553 pageviews - 22 pageviews for this blog for every pageview my regular blog gets - since May 2007. (That's right, is able to go back to 2007 now instead of 2008! But that shouldn't affect my statistics for this blog very much, as the most popular entries here have been posted since May 2007.)

Quality over quantity, I guess. It also helps that this blog is much more focused on a single subject, while on my regular blog, I mouth off on almost anything.

While I have a new A-Z round coming in, I have to acknowledge a onetime subject on this blog who has, alas, gone out Canadian actress and singer Deanna Durbin, whom I featured here in January 2010, died yesterday (April 30, 2013) at the age of 91. She had lived outside of public life in France since 1950, after having made numerous movies in the thirties and forties. It is always sad and regrettable for me to report the death of any woman I have featured here, and it goes without saying that I will not feature Deanna Durbin again going forward in light of her passing. I'm only glad that she lived a nice, long life. Three earlier subjects on this blog - models Naomi Sims and Linda Fenn and singer Whitney Houston - all died much too young.

Back later with the start of my next round. 

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