Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Latest Numbers (And Statistics)

I have now posted pictures of 690 different women as of today. I'm well ahead of the pace necessary to ensure seven hundred different subjects by this blog's seventh anniversary in September 2013.

And, as always, I offer to you the other numbers - the statistics showing what the ten most popular posts are since Blogger started keeping track in May 2008.  Feel free to click on the chart below to enlarge it.

Yeah, my July 2011 post showing TV reporter Kristen Welker remains the most popular by a wide margin with over 20,000 pageviews, and the previous post to hold that distinction, my September 2009 post honoring model Sheila Johnson, hasn't even accumulated half that many views . . . though it remains in second place.

Only one change has occurred since I last reported on my stats.  My posts of television actresses Kaley Cuoco and Piper Perabo were, respectively, the fourth and fifth most popular entries on my blog. Now they've switched places. More proof that basic cable television - on which Piper Perabo appears, as the star of the USA channel's "Covert Affairs" - is more popular than broadcast television, where Kaley Cuoco made a name for herself as a star of CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" (though Piper Perabo has played a recurring role on the NBC series "Go On").

The posts at positions six through ten not only haven't changed places, they haven't gained much - if anything - in the way of pageviews.  The numbers for these posts have been continuously adjusted upward or downward over the past several weeks, with few obvious increases, indicating that they have peaked and that it may not be too long before other posts gain enough views to surpass a few of these in popularity.  

As for my second post of Kristen Welker, from February 2013 . . . it's gotten 65 pageviews in less than two months.  I clearly tapped into something by featuring her on this blog, even if the follow-up post hasn't yet gotten the triple-digit numbers I expected.  But, give it time . . . 

All right, after a couple of posts featuring women I've already featured before - but only a couple - I'll start a new A-Z round beginning in May.

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