Sunday, April 28, 2013

Statistics Update - New Results!

It figures.  No sooner do I post statistics for this blog showing no major changes (albeit a minor one - two posts switching positions) then I have a major change to report.

I have a new entry in my all-time top ten list of posts, and it's my October 2012 post of model and photographer Barbara Minty, Steve McQueen's widow.  As highlighted in gray below she enters at number ten with 1,420 pageviews.  Feel free to click on the image below to enlarge it.    

This entry displaces the one paying tribute to actress Meg Ryan, who, like most of the other subjects in the lower five positions, had more or less stalled - allowing another post to displace it from the top ten, which is pretty much what I had predicted only a few days before.  And, with this development, take note - there isn't a single actress exclusively associated with motion pictures on this list anymore.  (Although Joan Severance has acted in movies, she's also associated with television, notably the CBS drama series "Wiseguy.") 

Back soon with another retrospective, then another A-Z round for May and June.    

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