Monday, April 15, 2013

Fashion and beauty model Sheila Stodden

Admit it. You saw the picture below before you saw the caption of this post, noticed it was a Charles of the Ritz ad, assumed (correctly) that it was of late-seventies vintage, and thought you were looking at a photo of Catherine Roberts.

No, this isn't Catherine Roberts - this post would be a retrospective one if it were, remember - but this model, Sheila Stodden, does in fact look like her. Maybe that's why the makers of Charles of the Ritz cosmetics made her a spokesmodel for the brand. The black-and-white photo of Ms. Stodden is also from a Charles of the Ritz ad, from roughly the same time as the color photo.

And what is Sheila Stodden's story? Ironically, it's much like that of Catherine Roberts. Like Ms. Roberts, Sheila Stodden started out at the Wilhelmina agency before moving to Zoli in the early eighties.

Ms. Stodden also dabbled in acting; she had a minor role in the 1980 movie They All Laughed, which is considered to be Peter Bogdanovich's last creative gasp as a film director.

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