Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Model Kelly Emberg

Kelly Emberg is yet another eighties model whose beauty and elegance made that decade bearable.

She appeared in ads for Cover Girl cosmetics and Napier jewelry (which you know about), but she's probably best known for being the girlfriend of British rock star Rod Stewart for much of the eighties.  They had a daughter, Ruby, born in 1987, and they broke up in 1990.

In the nineties, the Houston-born Ms. Emberg studied interior design at the University of California at Los  Angeles and worked in the field, taking on clients as such as Pam Dawber, Mark Harmon  and, ironically, Rod Stewart.  (It's nice to know that they still respected each other.)

She now has her own fruit and vegetable garden, and she's active in getting others to grow their own food in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner through her Web site.

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