Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Beauty of Retrospect: Kristen Welker, My All-Time Champion!

And she is, Kristen Welker, the most popular woman on my blog! :-D

I'd wanted to limit my retrospective posts to two before going on to my next A-Z round of original subjects as part of my effort to cut back on revisiting the same women time after time after time, but the immense popularity of my earlier - and, until today, only - post showing NBC's exotically lovely White House correspondent (who provides updates on MSNBC on a more or less regular basis) demands that I present a sequel. Hence, this third retrospective before the next series of new faces. Feel free to click on this image to enlarge it, the better to appreciate Ms. Welker's beauty! :-)

The photo above shows our heroine doing what she does best - reporting on the news coming out of the White House, with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue itself in the background.

Okay, let's see how many pageviews this post gets!  At the very least, the numbers it generates by the time I report on my statistics again - probably late April - should shake things up a bit.

I'll be back soon with another round of beautiful women appearing here for the first time. :-)

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