Saturday, February 9, 2013

The 666th Woman

When I did my count at the start of the current A-Z round of women on this blog, I realized I'd be coming up  to my 666th subject.  This presented something of a problem, because no one wants to be associated with the "number of the beast."  Then I started thinking . . . what woman is there who is exclusively associated with the darkness?  Indeed, what woman who is so associated would have enough of a sense of humor to appreciate being the 666th woman on my blog?

They were easy questions to answer.

Ha ha! But of course - who else could it be but . . . Elvira, Mistress of the Dark?  She's best known as the host of "Movie Macabre," a weekly horror movie presentation on KHJ-TV in Los Angeles in the eighties  which returned as a nationally syndicated feature in 2010.  Basically a modern reworking of the 1950s LA horror movie hostess Vampira, Elvira is distinguished by a tight-fitting outfit showing ample cleavage,  coupled with a sarcastic sense of humor and a biting wit delivered with a San Fernando Valley Girl attitude.  She became a national sensation and even got herself a movie - simply called Elvira, Mistress Of the Dark - in 1988.

In real life Elvira is Cassandra Peterson, a Kansas-born actress who had small roles in various movies in the seventies (including the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever).  She even auditioned for the role of Ginger Grant in the third "Gilligan's Island" reunion TV movie (Tina Louise has been trying to dissociate herself from that role since 1967) before getting the role of a lifetime.

Please note that this post was published at 7:06 PM - sixty-six minutes past six o'clock.

Elvira would love that. :-D    

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