Monday, December 31, 2012

The Latest Numbers . . . and Statistics

I have now posted pictures of 654 different women on my blog.  I remain well ahead of my pace to ensure that I will have featured a thousand different women by the time I mark the tenth anniversary of this blog in September 2016.

And before I close out 2012, I invite you to ponder my latest statistics.  Please feel free to click on the image below for a larger version of it.

As always, NBC correspondent Kristen Welker is the most popular subject on this blog by an extremely wide margin; my entry devoted to her, from July 2011, has garnered over thirteen thousand pageviews so far.  My first post devoted to fashion and beauty model Sheila Johnson, from September 2009, remains a distant but respectable second.  My posts depicting model/actress Joan Severance, actress Kaley Cuoco, and The Weather Channel personality Crystal Egger, in that order (the same order as before) round out the top five.

Below the top five, there are notable changes.  Piper Perabo has edged out Erin Gray for number six by two - two - pageviews, leaving Ms. Gray in the numero siete spot.  Piper Perabo is a younger and more current actress, and there's a whole generation of people who know of Ms. Perabo but are too young to remember Erin Gray from the early eighties, but the fact that Ms. Gray only trails Ms. Perabo here by two pageviews suggests that her overall popularity has hardly faded.

And now for the big surprises.  My post for Meg Ryan and my initial post for Willow Bay are still in the top ten, but they're both down a notch - from numbers eight and nine, respectively, to numbers nine and ten.  But look which post is at number eight - my second post depicting pictures of German model Margrit Ramme, who is to models what Volkswagen is to cars - Germany at its best. :-)

My second post devoted to Ms. Ramme has amassed 1,669 pageviews, and she's come out of nowhere to replace Somalian model Waris Dirie as the most popular non-American subject on this blog, almost as soon as Ms. Dirie replaced Canadian actress Cobie Smulders for that distinction.  I would have to conclude that a being the most popular non-American woman on my blog is an honor that doesn't last very long for the honoree.

Anyway, as anyone who's been following this blog knows, Margrit Ramme was the first model I ever noticed, really noticed, when I saw her in an ad for the first time.  Only American modeling legend Karen Graham (whom I'll be featuring again soon in a retrospective post) has ever similarly commanded my attention.  So, to honor Ms. Ramme's place on this statistical sheet - and to congratulate my followers for their impeccable taste - I offer another picture of Margrit Ramme right now - my twentieth picture of her on this blog, by my count, but not counting a picture posted here in May 2012 in which she poses with another model . . . Karen Graham.

Yes, this is a beautiful and provocative pose, the very kind of pose Margrit Ramme is known for.  No, I have no idea what year this photo is from. 

And so, with 2012 out of the way, I have a few retrospectives lined up in the first days of 2013, then it's on to another A-Z round of new subjects.  Have a happy, and a beautiful, new year. :-)  

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