Friday, November 30, 2012

The Latest Statistics

Starting tomorrow, I'm embarking on a fourth series of beautiful women in dance - and, just between you and me, not every beautiful woman is a dancer, but most female dancers are in fact beautiful women. :-) But, before I get to that, I'd like to show you the latest all-time statistics, which began compiling for all of its bloggers in May 2008. Feel free to click on the image below to make it bigger.

There are a couple of surprises here.  After only a month or so, eighties model Sheila Johnson is no longer the most popular subject on this blog.  That honor now goes to NBC reporter Kristen Welker, as my entry depicting her (posted in July 2011) is 59 pageviews short of 10,000 views for all time.  My original entry depicting Sheila Johnson, posted in September 2009 - there have been seven more entries depicting Sheila Johnson since - has slipped to a distant but still respectable second place with 7,065 pageviews.  Model/actress Joan Severance gets on the medal podium in third place, as my entry depicting her (posted in February 2011) is right behind those first two entries, with 5,349 pageviews.  And, while none of my entries in my three previous series devoted to dancers show up here, perennial favorites Kaley Cuoco, Crystal Egger, Erin Gray, and Meg Ryan remain solidly in the top ten.    

I'm actually pleased that Kristen Welker is my number one subject here, for two reasons.  The first reason involves her background.  I don't normally like to call attention to race here - it should be obvious to anyone who's followed this blog from the start that, when it comes to women's physical features, I don't see race, only beauty - but the fact that Kristen Welker, the offspring of an interracial (black-white) marriage, is so popular here gives me hope for America's future.  Fifty years ago, whites and blacks couldn't marry in certain states, and biracial Americans were dismissed as "mongrels" and "half-breeds."  Today, I have visitors to this blog finding a biracial woman attractive, without regard to her background, and she's not only beautiful, she's an accomplished journalist and respected professional figure.  It means that Kristen Welker is being  accepted on all levels and is not being degraded for her origins.

The second reason I'm pleased that Kristen Welker is so popular here is because she's from Philadelphia. ;-) 

Now, here's the other surprise.  With the TV series "How I Met Your Mother" more popular than ever, you'd think that Canadian actress Cobie Smulders, one of that show's stars, would still be among my ten most popular subjects.  Not any more.  My second entry devoted to her (posted in March 2012) got displaced by my entry for Somalian model Waris Dirie (posted in January 2010), who is not a household name like her fellow Somalian countrywoman Iman.  That's why it's a surprise.  The Waris Dirie post comes in at number ten with 1,013 pageviews, and so she replaces Cobie Smulders as the only non-American subject in my top ten.         

Right, I'm going on and on too much.  Stay tuned for the start of my fourth "Beauty of Dance" series tomorrow! :-) 

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