Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Beauty of Retrospect, November Model Edition: Rosie Vela

There was a time when models in fashion magazines almost never got a credit, though credits for the photographer, hairstylist, etc. were always provided. Rosie Vela was one model who always insisted on a credit. So if there's a reason that we know the names of the lovely women in editorial and commercial fashion shoots today, Rosie Vela is probably it. :-) 

 And so I feature her here again, in this picture from 1977 . . . with a credit.

The photographer, the makeup artist, and all that? Sorry,  I can't remember. :-D

Rosie Vela proved as a model that she was capable of anything she set her mind to, which turned out to be music.  And if you've heard anything from her 1986 album ZaZu, you know she excels at that.


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