Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Beauty of Retrospect, November Model Edition: Beverly Lee

Beverly Lee may have opened doors for models of East Asian descent, but how many of them loom as large as she does?

While a good deal of them have established their own reputations, Beverly Lee herself is simply a tough act to follow.  She has a regal, elegant appearance that's all her own, as well as a presence that few if any models of any ethnicity can match.

In addition to her modeling work in America, Beverly Lee has worked extensively in Japan and in several European countries. She's appeared on numerous fashion magazine covers, and, as noted in my original January 2012 post, on several fashion show runways - as the picture below illustrates.

And even when she's appeared in an ad that comes dangerously close to ethnic stereotyping, as in the photo below . . .

. . . her class has remained intact.

Oh yeah, her Web site is back online! Go here to check it out. :-)

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