Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Beauty of Retrospect, November Model Edition: Karen Graham

Recently I showed a picture of Shaun Casey from the Estée Lauder ad campaign, taken in 1982. Here's a picture of her "big sister" Estée Lauder model, Karen Graham, also from 1982.

And boy, does she look good in red. Wow, even her ring is red!

Karen Graham was to the Lauder company's ads what Johnny Carson was to late-night television.  In the eleven years that she was the exclusive model for Estée Lauder, she captured people's imaginations like no Lauder model had before or has since.  She inspired many women to adopt her look - the whole point of the ads - and she most certainly drew the attention of men with an appreciation for classic, elegant beauty.  Not bad for a nice girl from Gulfport, Mississippi. 

Karen Graham has no place in 1970s modeling.  She was 1970s modeling. :-) 

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