Sunday, October 14, 2012

Model Kathy Quirk

There's a Quirk in my blog. :-D

Kathy Quirk was a ubiquitous model throughout the seventies and early eighties when she was represented by the Ford agency. She did several editorial assignments and appeared in numerous advertisements for all sorts of products. As fate would have it, I remember the ad below featuring Kathy Quirk, though of course I didn't know her name at the time. The ad shows Ms. Quirk in a very seductive pose, the kind of pose she was able to strike without effort.

Now take a look at the caption. :-)

Pretty clever, eh? The copy is actually frank in admitting the use of glamour to sell a rather utilitarian product!

This ad was photographed by Deborah Turbeville, and Kathy Quirk had the good fortune to work with several other famous photographers, including David Bailey, Helmut Newton and Sir Cecil Beaton. Ms. Quirk, a New York native now living in Minneapolis, has since become a photographer herself, specializing in portraits with an emphasis on children.

She's the second model-turned photographer I've featured this month. :-)

Go to her Web site for more information. :-)

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