Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Actress Eden Sher

Eden Sher is not a geek. She only plays one on TV.

Eden Sher, of course, is known for playing Sue Heck on ABC's criminally underrated sitcom "The Middle," about a hapless, utterly dysfunctional family in small-town Indiana.  The Hecks are so star-crossed, you wouldn't wish your worst enemy to have them as neighbors. :-D

Sue, the nerdy and overexcited middle child and only daughter (and the only Heck kid with a normal first name), is always trying to succeed at something and fails at practically everything.  She's so invisible that even her teachers don't recall her presence in their own classrooms.      

Although she appears to be the early-teen high school student she plays, Eden Sher is actually a bit older than that; she turns 22 in December 2012.

How is she so convincing as a geeky teenager? Acting, my dear! :-D  

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