Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Beauty of Retrospect: First Lady Michelle Obama

I received an incendiary comment (which I marked as spam) telling me to get my picture of Michelle Obama, which I posted here in November 2008 right after the presidential election, off this blog and referring to her by a racial epithet.  Well, I was deeply angered and offended by that, and so, not only am I going to leave that picture on my blog, I'm going to post another - right now!   

Why wouldn't I want to feature the First Lady of the United States - who has raised two wonderful daughters, has campaigned vigorously for healthier diets and living patterns in America, and has done so much at the Olympic Games in London to reverse the damage Willard Mitt Romney had done to America's international reputation? 

Did I happen to mention she's more popular in America than her husband? 

Tomorrow I begin my second series on athletes, the first since March 2007, in tandem with the Olympics. :-)   

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