Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stage actress and dancer Emily Tyra

At the age of seven, Emily Tyra said she wanted to be Lucille Ball.

And so, her ambition could not be denied.

Starting out as a ballet dancer with the Boston Ballet and James Sewell Ballet companies, Emily Tyra made the move to theater upon arriving in New York.  She has not only played Candy in an Off Broadway production of The City Club, she's made it onto Broadway in a big way - as Delphine in The Little Dancer (directed by Susan Stroman) and as part of the ensemble in Hugh Jackman's 2011 show Back On Broadway.

Her resume includes regional productions of crowd-pleasing musicals such as Beauty and the Beast (not as Belle, inexplicably) and Singin' In the Rain, and she's even appeared in an episode of the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire."

Expect to see more of her. :-) 


Dollface said...

Thanks for the props!

-Emily Tyra

Steve said...

Ms. Tyra: You're quite welcome! :-)