Thursday, June 7, 2012

Television newswoman Jan Crawford

Jan Crawford, CBS's political and legal correspondent, provides definitive proof that just because someone has a Southern accent doesn't mean that person doesn't have a brain. :-)  

A former reporter for the Chicago Tribune, the Alabama-born Crawford made her television debut in 1998 (as Jan Crawford Greenburg - she's since separated from husband Douglas Greenburg, with whom she had four children) on PBS's weeknightly newscast as a Supreme Court correspondent.  After nine years on public television, she moved to ABC in 2007.  She joined CBS in 2010.

Jan Crawford has taught journalism at American University in Washington.  Her 2007 book, "Supreme Conflict: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Control of the United States Supreme Court," was a bestseller and prompted the Los Angeles Times to declare it "the richest and most impressive journalistic look" at the High Court since Bob Woodward's and Scott Armstrong's 1979 book 'The Brethren.'"     

Fun fact: During her PBS stint, in 2006, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens chose Jan Crawford for his first television interview ever.  Stevens was 86 years old at the time. 

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