Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Performance artist Sharece M. Sellem

I've asked this question elsewhere, but it's worth repeating: Can someone tell me why female mimes . . .

. . . always turn out to be beautiful women . . .

. . . when the makeup comes off? :-D

This lovely young woman is Sharece M. Sellem, a mime artist and actress based in New Haven, Connecticut.  She runs Artistic Xpressions, a drama workshop ensemble that teaches theater arts to children and young adults and encourages them to develop an interest in the performing arts in general.

Ms. Sellem found a national audience for herself in the most unexpected way: She performed a mime piece for R&B singer Faith Evans in her promotional video for her 2010 single "Gone Already."

Ms. Sellem remains one of the most active performance artists in Connecticut.  And while she may not be well-known outside her home state beyond the Evans music video, I found her and her story to be so captivating that I felt it made perfect sense to include her on this blog.  

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