Saturday, May 5, 2012

Actress Jessica Paré

Do you, ehh, zou bisou bisou? :-D

Jessica Paré is the breakout sensation of AMC's hit series "Mad Men." The French-Canadian actress, who plays Don Draper's French-Canadian second wife, Megan (not exactly casting against type there, but who cares?), was introduced to "Mad Men" viewers in the fourth season . . . and stole the show in the Season 5 premiere.  As ad copy writer Megan Draper, she sang a very sexy French-language song from 1960, "Zou Bisou Bisou" ("bisou" is the French word for "kiss"), for her husband as his surprise birthday party, much to his obvious (but inexplicable) discomfort.

Megan and Don have a complicated relationship - they can't take each other's intensity - but they somehow manage to keep coming back from the brink.  We're likely to find out more about their relationship as the series goes on.  

Oh yeah, about the artist currently known as Megan . . ..  Jessica Paré has been in movies and television since 1999.  One of her earliest movies, Lost and Delirious, is a Canadian indie drama about a boarding school.  She also starred in the 2000 movie Stardom, about a young girl who's discovered by a modeling agent and becomes an overnight sensation, and the 2004 romantic mystery Wicker Park, among other films.

The province of Quebec once went by the following tourism slogan: "It's warmer up north." We now know that it's actually hotter up north. :-D    

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