Friday, March 9, 2012

The Beauty of Triple Retrospectives: Beverly Johnson

As one of the most beautiful women of all time, model Beverly Johnson looks great in just about any outfit . . . of any colors.

She's absolutely stunning in this green ensemble, the shade of which would be more appropriate for artificial turf if any other woman tried to pull off wearing this.

Or how about this purple and yellow ensemble? On Beverly Johnson, it looks alluring. On another woman, it would look like a color scheme chosen by a blind person.

Clothes are so compatible with Beverly Johnson, she can wear the colors of the rainbow . . .

. . . all at once! :-D

Ironically, none of these pictures were taken to advertise the clothes she's wearing. They're actually from cigarette ads, all for the same brand - I won't say which brand - thus explaining the positioning of her fingers in each picture. The reason you don't see a cigarette between them in any of these pictures is because I airbrushed them out.  Why? I'll let Ms. Johnson explain it: 

"I've been very fortunate, but I've turned down a lot. I remember when I said that I'm not going to represent cigarette and liquor ads anymore.  And that was a time in the [modeling] business when that's where you made your money.  My agents weren't very happy.  But I said I'm not going to put that message out there anymore."

I'm not going to put that message out there either. That's why I airbrushed out the cigarettes and why I decline to name the brand.

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