Saturday, January 21, 2012

Television actress Erin Gray

What defines feminine beauty isn't a case of black and white, and so it's time to visit a Gray area. :-D

Mention Erin Gray to anyone who remembers television in the early 1980s, and you're bound to get a smile like Ms. Gray's own. She left an indelible impression in two different shows, as Colonel Wilma Deering in the science fiction series "Buck Rogers In the 25th Century" and as Kate Summers, personal assistant to and romantic interest of an eccentric toy manufacturer, in the sitcom "Silver Spoons."

She also was a spokeswoman for the Bloomingdale's department store, appearing in several of its TV ads. She didn't so much deliver the store's tagline - "It's like no other store in the world" - as she purred it. :-)

Now a casting agent and still active somewhat as an actress, Erin Gray turned 62 in January 2012.

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