Friday, November 18, 2011

New Pages

Switching to a new template for this blog has enabled me to include features the old template didn't have, such as a dropdown menu for my archives, which was the primary reason for the switch. But I also have among other new features the ability to create separate pages for this blog. So far I have already created two.

The first is a set of criteria that I originally posted as a blog entry in November 2006 and updated in subsequent entries. The original posts were difficult to access once they were archived, but now, with a new page spelling out my rules for who gets featured on this blog and who doesn't, this information is instantly accessible. Rather than search for it, anyone can refer to it by clicking on the "Criteria, Rules and Standards" link, which is in the upper-right-hand corner of the home page.

Now for the inevitable question: Am I going to create pages devoted to specific women, or women in specific professions? My short answer is no, not yet. My long answer is that I don't know. Theoretically, I suppose I could build an entire page devoted to, say, 1970s model Karen Graham. But why should I? All of the pictures I have ever featured of her are in the archives, easily found by entering her name in the search field in the extreme upper-left-hand corner of the home page. To feature them again on a separate page would seem redundant. Having said that, I have not ruled out creating separate pages for specific pictures. That might be a possibility in the future. But for now, I'm going to keep posting previously uncollected pictures on my home page, as I've been doing since I started this blog.

Thank you for your time.

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Steve said...

Note: Previous blog entries referring to rules and criteria for who gets chosen for this blog have been deleted, the new criteria page having rendered them redundant.