Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Model Maggie Rizer

Maggie Rizer is as resilient as she is gorgeous.

The Staten Island-born blonde beauty was one of the hottest models at the turn of the millennium, having appeared in ad campaigns for the Gap,Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and several other fashion brands. But in the middle of the two thousand zeroes, her stepfather mishandled her money and left Maggie and her family financially ruined.

She's made a big comeback in the modeling world, though, appearing in ads for Dooney and Bourke as well as for L.L. Bean's SIGNATURE line.  She's also an AIDS activist.

She married a businessman, Alex Mehran. Now living in California, Maggie Rizer has become a mom, having given birth to a son (Zander, short for Alexander) on November 23, 2011. :-)

And she still has the look. :-)

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